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Karma Triyana Dharmachakra  
Sunday, April 22, 2012 
Awakening the Dreamer Symposium

......A profound inquiry into a bold vision:
to bring forth an environmentally sustainable spiritually  
fulfilling and socially just human presence on Earth.
Help create a new future.
Sacred Music of the World Series:
Kirtan Concert
Earth Day - Sunday, April 22, 2012
10:00 AM -  4:30 PM
Kirtan  Concert:
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
 KTD Monastery
335 Meads Mountain Road
Woodstock, NY, 12498
Suggested Donation:
$10.00 lunch
 More information:              (845) 679-5906      , ex: 1121
Through dynamic group interactions,
leading edge information & inspiring multimedia,
explore the current ecological state of our planet from a new perspective
 & connect with a powerful global environmental movement
to reclaim our future.

Chenrezik Puja-for-the-Earth 
2012 Nationwide KTC Earth Day Invitation  
KTCs Pick up the Baton: Inspired to action by the environmental advocacy of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, the Hartford, Connecticut KTC demonstrated compassion for the Earth by dedicating its first annual Chenrezik "Puja in the Park," to our planetary home on Earth Day 2011. The Hartford KTC synchronized its 2011 puja for the Earth with the environmental group's World Day of Climate Change Awareness.
Hartford KTCHartford KTC
The Hartford KTC extends an enthusiastic Earth Day 2012 Puja invitation to ALL KTCs and Buddhist practitioners nationwide. Extend your compassion wherever you or your group may be this Earth Day, Sunday, April 22. Organize and synchronize a Chenrezik puja for the safeguarding of the Earth.

Please notify the Hartford Connecticut KTC organizers to participate in this groundbreaking Chenrezik practice-for-the-planet, on Earth Day, April 22:              (860) 461-8922      , or e-mail:

The Seventeenth Gyalwang Karmapa's Environmental Advocacy

The Karmapa officially declared himself an environmentalist as he delivered the inaugural address at the Global Buddhist Congregation's section on "Environment and the Natural World" at which he stated:
We have access to an abundance of information on the environmental impact of our current lifestyle." "Our task now is to turn information into an awareness that we feel in our hearts, and that can inspire us to live according to environmentally wise and compassionate principles."
Years earlier His Holiness the Karmapa formed the Khoryug (Tib.-environment) network of monasteries throughout the Himalayas which proactively works to safeguard the environment in the region. (See

His Holiness the Seventeenth Gyalwang Karmapa invites us all to actively engage with the reality of climate change. Participate in the nationwide Earth Day 2012 Chenrezik, "Puja-for-the-Earth," and in so doing join His Holiness' initiative to safeguard our planet.
Listening to the Earth
Green Monastery   
Sustainable Development & Stupa Project    
Office of Development
Fundraising Goal:
Funds Raised to Date:
$  65,000
Funds Needed - KTD Community Challenge:
Infrastructure &
Sustainable Development Permaculture Projects:
      The time has come! KTD's Green Monastery Project is off to an auspicious start with $65,000 already donated towards the sustainable development of the monastery campus. 
      The environmentally sustainable framework for all of the screen and ornamental trees, garden benches, dedicated garden wall stones, planters, etc. graciously donated in 2011 by KTD community members is just around the corner. Your donations this spring will directly and tangibly implement the environmental mandate of His Holiness the Karmapa as KTD sustainably develops the monastery property.
Periphery screen trees: On Earth Day 2011 KTD augmented the number of screening trees on the Meads Mountain roadside border of the monastery property. This spring KTD will continue to plant these majestic evergreens until a total of 71 trees grace the campus perimeter. 
Rain gardens: are both beautiful and functional. Situated on the lower end of the sloped property below the kitchen area, rain gardens will incorporate native plants and soil in a shallow bowl shape to collect and manage storm water run off and filter out pollutants.  DONATE BY MAIL     DONATE ONLINE 
Raised cement and stone garden beds: filled with healthy organic soil adjacent to shrine building will produce herbs, lettuces and other greens for the KTD kitchen. DONATE BY MAIL     DONATE ONLINE 
Donor recognition garden wall with ornamental berry hedges on the west end of the parking area and in front of the main building entrance will offer beautiful, edible greenery.  DONATE BY MAIL     DONATE ONLINE
A Three-bay Compost & Recycling Center near the kitchen area will reduce KTD's waste by 23% and help produce the healthy soil to nourish monastery gardens.  DONATE BY MAIL     DONATE ONLINE 
Terraced gardens built of dry laid native stones below the parking area on the east side of the new building will incorporate edibles and ornamental plants.  DONATE BY MAIL     DONATE ONLINE 
An orchard & arboretum of ornamental and fruit trees near the pond front-roadside will be an annual source of nourishing organic fruit. 
A Wildflower field (a 4-yr process) seeded twice annually with clover and wildflower mix will support biodiversity and encourage beneficial insects and pollination.  DONATE BY MAIL     DONATE ONLINE 
 Environmental education sites & nature trails will proceed from the "Dharma Path," looping around the pond area, meandering through the forest and wetlands. Plants and trees will be identified. 

Stupa Partnership

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