martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Let go!

Where ever you go is the path,
Whatever you say, is the path.

She said, ok, let´s go´
Grabbed my hand.

So many things I don´t know,
What follows?

Shit man,
Let me go.

We is walkin´ down the path together,
Slipping here and there,
Some rocks in the way…

Give me a hand,
Let´s look out at the sea,
Shake my hand…

This is my thought for today,
Let me laugh a while.

Every day is the same day,
Guess so!
Now what?

Some day Buddha will come,
Always been here, you say!
Nice bit of crap,
Don´t see him.

I always think of that girl,
Lying  there in bed looking at me.
Once upon a time.

Let go…man!
Let go!

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