martes, 14 de junio de 2011


A student has expressed her concern because of the "shit" she says she has in her head. I congratulated her because that is the natural state of a human being.
If she did not have that shit in her head she would be oblivious to the turmoil of being a human  being.
She would not feel the wheel of Dharma turning inside of her.
The sea of suffering that Shakyamuni indentified and signaled as an opportunity to take free ourselves from it.

He gave is the formula for resolving it: "Suffering and the freedom from suffering", was his message.
How do we know we live in suffering without feeling that "shit" inside our minds?
That is IT!
That is the call to wholeness.
That is the impulse we need to get to work.
The zafu is calling!
The call to wholeness...

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